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Pridgen presses for affordable housing

Mike Desmond/WBFO News

While it has been talked about for some time, city officials are now pushing hard for some mandatory affordable housing in new developments in the city.

The goal is to have the rules in place for the spring construction season. Council President Darius Pridgen told his Ellicott District Stakeholders meeting last night he and other Council members had talked about it during a meeting earlier in the day with Mayor Brown.

"If you look in areas that are experiencing gentrification, what will eventually happen is there will be market rate and then you won't be able to afford to live in your area," Pridgen explained to the gathering.

"Now, there are several tools in the tool box. One thing along is not going to do it all. So, this possibly may be in the Green Code."

Pridgen says there are difficulties about getting the inclusionary zoning into the Green Code and getting that development and zoning road map into the law books in time for the spring building season. He says talks are continuing.