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Cellino & Barnes go their separate legal ways

Cellino & Barnes
Ross Cellino (l) and Steve Barnes are going their separate legal ways.

The long-expected breakup of the Cellino and Barnes legal partnership appears to have been completed.

The Buffalo News is reporting that both sides have signed the agreement to go their separate ways, into Cellino Law and the Barnes Firm.

The agreement, which was first reported in March after some three years of disputes, comes with a non-disclosure agreement, which prohibits either side from revealing details of the separation.

Each attorney reportedly earns upwards of $1 million per month and the now-disbanded firm gained national attention with its out-of-town offices and frequent media commercials with an easy-to-remember phone number.

The Buffalo News reports that phone number is apparently going to be unused for at least 18 months, before it is determined whether it will be sold or allocated to one of the new firms.

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