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Ontario teachers' unions taking collective job actions over stalled contract talks

Eileen Buckley

All four of Ontario's major teacher unions have now announced job action over what they say are stalled contract talks with the province.

Teachers in Ontario's French system will start a work-to-rule campaign on Thursday, meaning all of the province's major teachers' unions will now be engaged in job actions. The French union, AEFO, says its members will target administrative duties in what it is calling Phase 1 of its work to rule.

Public elementary teachers are planning rotating strikes starting Monday. English Catholic teachers are holding a one-day strike next Tuesday that will affect elementary and secondary schools in those boards.

Public high school teachers have been conducting a series of one-day strikes on Wednesdays, targeting a handful of boards at a time.

Contract issues include higher class sizes and mandatory online courses. Education Minister Stephen Lecce is calling on the unions to enter into private mediation in an attempt to reach agreements.

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