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Honoring His Grandfather, Boy Breaks Baseball News


It takes years of experience in cultivating trusted sources to break major sports stories, such as Billy Butler, of the American League champion Kansas City Royals, was close to signing with the Oakland A's. That story was broken by Devan Fink. Mr. Fink is 13 years old. He runs a website called Cover Those Bases. Then, 18-year-old Robert Murray confirmed details of that deal. Fox's Ken Rosenthal - who looks to me like he's got to be at least in his 40s - confirmed the news and the scoop of two youngsters.


KEN ROSENTHAL: These two guys kicked my butt and everyone else's butt last night - more power to them.

SIMON: We're joined now by Devan Fink, of Cover Those Bases. Let us repeat he is 13 years old. Mr. Fink, thanks for being with us.

DEVAN FINK: Thanks for having me on.

SIMON: So how did you break these stories?

DEVAN: Well, I mean, I've been doing this for two years now and I developed a network of Twitter followers and Twitter followings. And I was able to get some info. And I was able to confirm that with Ken Rosenthal.

SIMON: Mr. Fink, how do you get people to talk to you? I mean, forgive me, 13-year-old boys have a problem getting 13-year-old girls to talk to them. How are you talking to sources in major league baseball?

DEVAN: Well, I mean, they've been following my work and they just recently found out my age back in February. They've just really liked my website and what I've been writing on it, and so they've decided come out and reach out to me.

SIMON: How'd you get into sports reporting?

DEVAN: Well, it was two years ago. My grandfather has been a Phillies fan since 1950. And two years ago, he passed away. And when he passed away, my mom got me a journal to write to continue to talk to him 'cause we used to talk about baseball all the time. And so I took that really one step further and developed my own website to talk to him and, you know, just tell him what's going on in baseball.

SIMON: Yeah, so is this what you want to do for your professional life, you think?

DEVAN: Well, I mean, it's definitely on my radar. I think, you know, it's something that I'd be interested in doing when I'm an adult. But I'm still many years away. I'm in eighth grade so I've got four years of high school really before I can choose what I want my profession to be. Currently, just writing - baseball is my thing. But I just love baseball and love the sport.

SIMON: We're a few months from spring training, but who looks good to you?

DEVAN: Well, I mean, the teams that look really good right now are, you know, the Washington Nationals. I think they're - have one of the deepest rosters in all of the game and, you know, they've got good pitching. And, you know, we'll see what they can do this off-season, but they definitely look good in the National League.

SIMON: Devan Fink - the intrepid reporter who's behind Cover Those Bases. He's 13 years old. Thanks so much for being with us, Mr. Fink.

DEVAN: Absolutely, I really enjoyed it. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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