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Wednesday Night Concert with Neville Francis and The Riddim Posse

Buffalo, NY –

Song-writer,singer, and guitarist, Neville Francis, was born in St Thomas, Jamaica. In the early 70's the artist emigrated to Toronto, Canada, and eventually met musical stalwart Jo Jo Bennet, who became a teacher and mentor to the budding guitarist and back-up vocalist. When Jo Jo Bennet subsequently decided to form a professional band - The Sattalites - he invited Francis to become a member. Francis established himself as a writer,co-lead singer, and back-up vocalist on several of the band's recordings. In 1993 Francis re-located to Buffalo, New York, and soon co-founded the band Strictly Riddim, which quickly became one of the area's most proficient reggae bands. His solo CD was released in 2003 and he continues to live in the Buffalo area fronting his new band, The Riddim Posse. The beat goes on!