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Commentary: Is Giambra a Misunderstood Visionary?

By Jeffrey Dickhut

Buffalo, NY – Everytime I turn on the local news, I feel some degree of sadness for our embattled county executive Joel Giambra. He seems to always be mixed up in some kind of scandle or bad decision that gets splash all over the TV at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. Honestly feel bad for the guy, I mean how would you like to go to your work each day fearing that everytime you make a mistake, Stefan Mychajliw will be lurking around every corner with is red coat ready to push a mic in your face. Not fun.

Recently, I saw Joel on the news and I was once again holding my breath hoping that he wasn't about to be raked over the coals. But much to my surprise, instead he was announcing his brilliant, innovative idea that in my opinion can save this great city from the downward spiral it is current in. Joel wants to legalize drugs in Erie County! Sounds crazy right?...don't worry, he just wants to legalize the good/safe drugs, like pot. Not the bad/dangerous ones like crack and heroin (that would be just plain irresponsible). I don't know why any other politicians haven't already picked up on such a simple solution to all of Buffalo's problems. Maybe it's because Joel is misunderstood visionary, years ahead of his time.

Lets take a look at how legalized pot could have a positive impact on some of Erie County's hot button issues:

Crime Rate

With pot being legally sold in most stores in Western New York, street dealers would not be able to stay competitive and marketable. The average Buffalonian will be able to pop into the corner store for a caffeine free diet coke, 2 Lotto Quick Picks and a bag of weed. This kind of distribution power would drive violent drug dealers to Niagara Falls or Jamestown in order to pedal their over-priced illegal goods. Erie County gets higher and crime gets lower!

Budget Deficit

Erie County would most certainly be able to slap some big fat taxes on the sale of pot. And once our population gets addicted to pot like we are to cigarettes, the revenue generate from taxing mary-jane will fill those mysterious budget gaps. Plus Joel could get his Friends and Family back on the payroll and nobody would really care since the county would be swimming in excess cash. Maybe Joel could convince Victor Getz to become Administrator of Erie County Hemp and Hemp Products. Erie County would be so wealthy that instead of bickering, County Legislators can sit around lighting "ganja" with 100 dollar bills.

Casino in Buffalo?

Who needs the Senecas to revitalize downtown, we're selling drugs now!! A casino isn't good for our community anyways, it just brings about crime and shady illegal activities. A far contrast to our new legalized drug county. We should use the land the casino was going to be built on for growing marijauna. While we are at it, convert the Aud to a giant hydroponics greenhouse. Sorry Bass Pro, you snooze you lose, we won't be needing you anymore either.

Increasing tourism

We might not have beautiful beaches, vast mountains, a booming downtown or lavish resorts, we have something better, legal grass! The Buffalo Convention and Vistiors Bureau can market our newest crop around the country. TV Ads during the Super Bowl, "Come to Buffalo, We Got Pot". How about a sign on the Thruway, "Now entering Erie County, enjoy your trip". Wouldn't it be nice to see a billboard on the 190 of Joel Giambra smoking a "fattie" with the catch phase underneath, "Got Pot?"

Waterfront Development

I know, yet another waterfront plan...but this time it's for real. We build a Marijuana Theme Park! Mary Jane's Happy Land. There would be rides like Munchie Mountain, PotHeads of the Caribean and Mr Trips Wild Weed. Your kids could have their picture taken with cute drug parapanelia mascots like with Doobie Doggie, Bing the Bong or even Mary Jane Mouse herself. Forget about taking down the Skyway, we are going to need to build 3 more Skyways just to handle the traffic flow to the Waterfront!

I for one am 100% on board with Joel's plan and an excited to hear his next great idea, legalize homocide perhaps?

Listener-Commentator Jeffrey Dickhut lives in East Aurora.