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Commentary: Ending World Violence

By Fari Parthor

Buffalo, NY – When will violence in our world end? Since ever recorded history indicates, as early as 10,000 years ago, peoples of our world have slaughtered each other. A decade has not passed without some nation or tribe, on our tiny planet, waging war on another. And today, right now, there are wars & fighting everywhere. They are more than just wars & fightings, they are manifestations of enmity & animosity. I will never comprehend the psychology behind the nasty hatred and viciousness of some of these fighters who are perpetrating violence, inflicting pain and suffering on defenseless civilians. The excruciating suffering is unimaginable for me.

I don't need to go far. In my home, sometimes my ten-year-old son and my eight-year-old daughter fight. When I ask why they are fighting, each child blames the other for having done something bad first such as taking their toy with out permission or breaking their personal poses ion. This is how they justifiy their aggression. they will continue this cause and effect trend backwards to before their birth!

But don't worry, because my wife and I have improvised a violence prevention plan. And then our justice system kicks in: the child who started the violence will be sentenced to 10 minutes to their bed. The child who responded to violence with violence instead of telling an adult, will be sentenced to five minutes to their bed. Depending on severity and other details, counseling and therapy such as disarmament and/or loss of privileges may follow.

My wife and I admit our violence prevention plan is not perfect. Sometimes we fail to implement it properly. But we try to be consistent and YES, it has worked: the frequency of aggression in our family has steadily decreased. Of course, my wife and I, the superpowers in our family, try to set a good example, such as treating every one fairly and refraining from fights.

Now lets try to copy my family's violence prevention plan to our world family. First, our world family lacks a powerful, just, loving and independent parent to stop all the violence. The UN is, on top of other things, too weak and dependent.

Did you say the super powers? Not only they don't even try to stop violence, they often instigate it; to sell arms, rob small nations' natural resources or spread their power and influence. Of course, the superpowers often act like or say they will bring peace and justice to the world, but their deeds have proven the opposite. They act or say it only to be complaisant to their constituents. Some of the most petrifying crimes were committed in just the past century. The super powers did nothing to stop them!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a world free of violence? Our world family lacks a powerful, just, loving and independent parent to stop all the violence; lets start looking for one.

Listener-Commentator Fari Parthor is a social worker who lives in the Buffalo area.