WBFO Statement of Principles
Editorial Integrity

The University at Buffalo supports the principle of academic freedom as a concept intrinsic to the achievement of its institutional goals as first articulated years ago by Chancellor Samuel P. Capen. The University also recognizes those same freedoms as an integral component of the public airwaves. In serving this principle and the public's "interest, convenience and necessity" (as required by the Federal Communications Commission), WBFO-FM must assure its listeners that news decisions, presentations and other programming are free from outside pressures, including those from underwriters, donors, members and the University.

As a representative of the University at Buffalo, WBFO-FM serves its audience with news programming that is compelling and educational, and that speaks to the broader social issues which form the foundation of current events. Therefore:

  • The station and its employees (defined as hosts, newscasters, reporters, editors, producers and news managers) make every attempt to present news programming in a fair, unbiased, accurate, honest, and respectful manner, consistent with standards of journalistic ethics as defined by the NPR News Code of Ethics and Practices.
  • WBFO-FM does not sacrifice editorial judgment for the political, financial or promotional goals of any individual or organization.
  • WBFO-FM abides by the constitutional and statutory responsibilities outlined in the station's FCC license, as well as other applicable laws and campus standards.

For further information on the statement or to file an inquiry on compliance, contact Joseph A. Brennan, General Manager at brennanj@buffalo.edu or (716) 645-4093.


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