About David Benders

David BendersDavid Benders is the Assistant General Manager and Program Director of WBFO. David has been with WBFO since 1969 when he joined the staff as a student volunteer. He's held almost every part-time, volunteer and internship position available in the station, accumulating an exceptionally wide set of skills and experiences. 

As Program Director he's been leading the WBFO program mission since 1977. His duties include the planning, implementation and on-air quality control for the 24/7 operation. In addition to his regional work his radio production experiences include being a field producer and contributor for the NPR programs Folk Festival USA, Options and All Things Considered.

In the 1970's he was a Division Director for UB's non-profit student corporation and led the University's student activities and cultural programming board in the presentation of music, dance, theater, video, film, literary events, coffeehouses and other happenings.

In 1991 he was the recipient of the labor-management (SUNY-UUP) Excellence Award.

David says: "I work in radio because the best, most caring, supportive people in the world work at WBFO. Radio is one of the most accessible mediums you can name. I'm fascinated by the power of sound and believe in the listening experience as a communication tool for preserving and improving our civic ecology and cultural environment.

"The ideas presented on WBFO can trigger thinking: Our job is to be part of and improve the UB learning environment. We enlarge the capacity of people to perceive, to understand, to create; to relate to others and experience joy."

You can reach David by e-mail at dbenders@wbfo.org. His direct line is (716) 829-5773.


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