About WBFO

WBFO is the University at Buffalo's window onto our community and the world, striving to create a public radio community of good neighbors.  Because WBFO's unique blend of NPR and local news and authentic Buffalo music treats everyone like citizens and not like consumers, you can trust that when you tune in you'll find unbiased, balanced news coverage, investigative journalism, thought-provoking entertainment that doesn't pander, and noncommercial music you need to know about.  We're trying to make the world a better place, a more innovative place, and a more global place every day through this community supported programming.  Tune in and you'll know what we mean. 

 WBFO's Mission

To improve the cultural and civic life of the Buffalo community by appealing to listeners' curiosity and life-long love of learning, and by encouraging and inspiring them to become more active and engaged citizens.

To provide a significant and substantive public radio service from the University at Buffalo to people in the Buffalo Niagara region and the Southern Tier, consisting of news, information, entertainment and educational programming.

To foster dialogue on the region's critical issues, and help to build understanding and connections among the region's diverse constituencies.

To promote and extend the university's mission by informing the community of the vast talents, creativity and accomplishments of UB's faculty, staff and students.

To provide high quality news, information and entertainment in the best traditions of public radio in America.

To provide content and experiences which delight, surprise, and educate its audiences (and that differ from commercial radio).


WBFO's Vision

WBFO is justifiably proud of our heritage but understandingly eager to lay new tracks. Now, we have new visions to realize:


  • To take full advantage of digital, electronic, satellite and Internet technologies to reach new audiences, develop interactive services and generate revenue.
  • To pilot, test and market exciting new radio programs.
  • To attract, retain and nurture radio talent.
  • To bring WBFO to new audiences through signal expansions.

In the pioneering spirit of service that has marked WBFO from its infancy, we want to expand WBFO's horizons.

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